Extra Program

AYSO Region 122 – Santa Barbara is pleased to announce its participation in the

AYSO EXTRA U15 Program

A separate, inter-Regional competitive soccer league for Fall of 2014.

Player tryouts will be in two sessions:

Session 1:  Monday April 28 and Wednesday April 30

Storke Field UCSB Field 6

For time and location please see below

Session 2:  Tuesday May 6 and Thursday May 8

Storke Field UCSB Field 6



Player Application


What is AYSO Extra?

AYSO Extra is a soccer program that will be geared for those players who want a higher level of competition and training.  Extra teams will essentially be inter-regional travelling teams and they are currently formed both in Santa Barbara, and in approximately twenty surrounding AYSO Regions.  The Extra teams will play against each other during the Fall soccer season and will have playoffs at the end of the season.  In addition, it is expected that the Extra teams will stay together for the Winter and Spring tournament seasons.  Extra teams will have a significant amount of travel, as away games will be played against Regions that are up to 80 miles from Santa Barbara. Games will mostly be played on Saturday afternoons, but there will also be a few Sunday games during the Fall season.

If the Player foresees conflicts with other activities which will prevent him/her from participating with the Extra program in the spring of 2015, please state that clearly on the application.  Such conflicts will not prevent a player from being selected but will be considered in team formation, so as to optimize maintaining a viable team for the spring season.


What teams will be formed?

The age division for the Extra program is different than those in our standard program.  Extra teams in Santa Barbara will consist of Boys and Girls U15.  All players born from 8/1/99 to 7/31/00 (inclusive) will be eligible to play.


Who will coach the team?

Coaches will be selected from our volunteer base, by the same process and with the same certifications as our standard program.


Will there be professional trainers?

Yes, each team will be able to utilize, at the discretion of the Coach, a professional trainer to assist at team practices.  Each Extra team in Region 122 will individualize its use of the professional trainer, and will pay for the trainer out of team funds.  The availability of trainers is expected but not guaranteed.


What is the registration fee?

The registration fee will be the usual regular season registration fee (which should be paid online as soon as possible) plus the additional costs described below, estimated to be approximately $150 per player.  This fee is higher than the standard program to cover the cost of professional trainers, additional uniform cost, spring practice field rental, and other minor administrative costs associated with the program.  This fee will be determined after the utilization of professional trainers is determined.

In addition to the registration fee for the Fall season, the players on each team will pay for tournament entry fees during the Winter (preseason warmup tournaments) and Spring tournament seasons which may total between $250 and $350 per player, dependent on how many tournaments the team decides to enter.


How long will the Fall 2014 season last?

The Fall 2014 season will begin practicing in August (like we do for the standard AYSO season) with regular season and league cup playoffs running through November/December.


Will there be tournaments after the Fall Season?

Yes. We expect that Extra teams will stay together after the Fall season and participate in AYSO invitational tournaments which will take place from November through June.  It is expected that tournaments will offer completion brackets geared for Extra teams. The U15 Extra teams will compete in U16 divisions in most Spring tournaments.  It is important to note that tournament fees are an additional expense, not covered by the Fall registration fee/Fall additional costs.


How do players get chosen for the Extra team?


Players who are interested in playing on an Extra team are required to attend the tryouts at UCSB Storke Fields.  THE PLAYER SHOULD PLAN TO PARTICIPATE EITHER ON BOTH DAYS OF SESSION 1 OR BOTH DAYS OF SESSION 2. If that is not possible please contact Andy Gersoff ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to discuss the situation.  Every player must attend 2 days of tryouts. The times for the tryouts are as follows:


SESSION 1 Storke Field UCSB

U15 Boys

Monday April 28 – 5:15 to 7:00 PM

Wednesday April 30 – 5:15 to 7:00 PM

U15 Girls

Monday April 28 – 3:45 to 5:30 PM

Wednesday April 30 – 3:45 to 5:30 PM



SESSION 2 Storke Field UCSB

U15 Boys

Tuesday May 6 – 5:15 to 7:00 PM

Thursday May 8 – 5:15 to 7:00 PM

U15 Girls

Tuesday May 6 – 3:45 to 5:30 PM

Thursday  May 8 – 3:45 to 5:30 PM

Each player must attend one complete session (two days, one Monday/Wednesday OR one Tuesday/Thursday), but may attend both sessions if they wish to have additional exposure to the selection committee. (Please bring cleats, shin guards, water, ball and application form)


The selection committee will consist of coaches and professional trainers.  Players who are selected for the team will be notified by the third week of May.


Who can tryout and how will a player register for the team?

All participants in a tryout must be either:

a) registered with AYSO for the current membership year (Fall 2013), or

b) register for the fall 2014 season, or

c) complete the Non‐AYSO Registered Participant Form and pay the requisite tryout fee (a non‐refundable fee payable by check only, made out to “AYSO Region 122”, of $5.00 per player).

If the player was registered for AYSO during the fall 2013 season or is already registered for the 2014 season, there is no fee for the tryout. Those registering for fall season 2014 can register immediately, and payment will be required by May 31st to ensure placement on team if chosen.

How many players will be on a team?

U15 – 16-18 players.  We have found that the distractions and conflicts inherent to High School activities mandate a larger roster in order to insure adequate numbers of players for fall games and spring tournaments.


Will the Extra program utilize the ¾ play rule?

Yes.  All players will play at least ¾ of every game, before any one player can play an entire game.


Please contact Andy Gersoff at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for questions not addressed by this announcement.   Look for periodic updates on the AYSO Region 122 website - http://www.ayso-santabarbara.org


AYSO Commissioner

John Maloney

Coach  Administrator

Hugh Hollis

Referee Administrator

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