Region 122 Special Rules for 6U, 7U, 8U

1. U6 has 5 players on the field and no goalkeepers.

2. U7 has six players on the field and no goalkeepers.

3. U8 has seven players on the field one of whom is a goalkeeper.

4. No Offside is called, however, no player may be stationed in front of their opponents goal when the ball is not in the area.

5. All fouls result in direct free kicks. There are no indirect free kicks. Free kicks resulting from fouls in the goal box, shall be taken from the nearest point just outside the goal box. There are no penalty kicks.

6. Goal kicks shall be taken from the nearest corner of the top of the goal boxon the side that the ball went out on.

7. Corner kicks shall be taken by the attacking team from the corner.

8. Referees will allow one re-take on an incorrect throw in.

9. Referees may instruct players on infractions during the course of the game.

10.No player may play the whole game unless all players have played three quarters. Every player must play at least one-half of the game.

11.Games have 20 minutes halves with substitution breaks approximately after ten minutes.

12. A size 3 ball is used for 6U, 7U and 8U games.

13. All other AYSO and FIFA rules are followed.