Silent Saturday

For all 7U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 19U teams, there will be no noises coming from the sidelines. Please listen to our players talking on the field.

We know it’s hard not to cheer, so we will have lollipops available at the referee tents for any of you needing some extra help. Please join in and make Silent Saturday successful again this year.

Please note that 5U and 6U teams are exempt from Silent Saturday.

Silent Saturday R122 Rules

No one except the referee and the players are allowed to talk during the game. The coaches may only talk to their players during substitution breaks (quarters), at halftime, and before their game.

Parents and spectators will remain quiet for the duration of the game. Those found talking, cheering, or making any verbal noise will be given a warning. It they continue to make noise, they will be asked to leave the area of the field.



Watch a video on the value of Silent Saturday