Your Children are Registered to Play

if you need to register additional players please go back to register on-line

You will be contacted by email regarding your child’s placement in late August.

Teams are formed and games start in September.

  • I Did Volunteer
If you are already registered in eAYSO, our national database, then simply renew your registration at, it only takes two minutes.  If you have not registered before in our national database at eAYSO, go to this page for background and instructions.
  • Did Not Volunteer
Not everyone can volunteer.  But, our mission for community service includes family participation.  Building lifetime experiences for our players, parents and community needs you.  Please join our many AYSO families and select a task by logging back in and looking under the Parent / Volunteer menu. If you are unable to volunteer for a regional task, please do be helpful to our registered volunteers.  Help your coach, referees and team manager whenever you can; moving goals, helping with snacks, carpooling, team meeting or team party… And, of course, thanking our regional volunteers for their time and commitment to your family and our community.

We hope you have a great season!