Positive Coaching Alliance


Double-Goal Coach® I: “Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons” Workshop

Please join us for a workshop where coaches will…

  • Become certified as a Double-Goal Coach®
  • Learn how to work with parents and league leaders to establish and maintain a positive competitive environment inside youth sports
  • Learn how to help their athletes get the most from the youth sports experience
  • Enjoy an interactive discussion with fellow coaches and a facilitator with extensive coaching experience

Contact Hugh Hollis for more information: 805-452-1614 or hughhollis@gmail.com

What Coaches & Parents are saying about Positive Coaching workshops:

“ I use the positive coaching tools of ELM and buddy system of filling each others emotional tank last year as a basketball coach. Not only did we win our league championship but each player “Honored the Game.” It was the best of what a Double- Goal coach wants. Winning a championship on and off the court.”
~ Pedro Morales, Director or Athletics and Head Basketball coach, Saint David’s School, New York, NY

“Thanks, PCA, for making this one of our best seasons yet!”
~ Coach, Sun Creek Little League

“Through our PCA partnership, we were able to decrease season ejections by 90% and increase team morale so much that player enrollment increased over 20%…can you help us find more fields?”
~ Charley Daly, Pleasant Hill Baseball