To create a format that:

  1. a) is standard for all divisions
  2. b) guarantees excellent communication from the Board/Administrators to all parents, players and coaches
  3. c) is transparent to all concerned
  4. d) is simple to understand and follow for everyone involved
  5. e) clearly stipulates expectations and level of commitment for potential players and their families, and informs coaches of potential conflicts.

Timeline (weeks refer to weeks from start of AYSO regular season)

Beginning of regular season: Online description of mandatory application for Post Season play posted on website, explicitly stating that one application covers both All Star and Select teams.

No player will be eligible for any Post Season team without a completed application (no exceptions). In addition, no player may refuse an offer to play on the team that drafted such player with the intention of playing on a different Post Season AYSO team.

Parents informed via the information sheet that players will be scouted by coaches in the weeks that follow. Mass email advertising availability of online information and necessity of completing application. Application will ask questions about availability, commitment, parent referees, etc.

Applications are now solely online. Links will be available via e-mail or our website.

Player applications are due: date to be announced.

Once the Post Season coaches are selected the applications will be made available to them to check them and scout players for the draft, so the sooner that you turn them in the sooner the coaches will be aware of what players to look for while scouting.

By week 3: coaches should start submitting applications for Post Season consideration. Coaches scouted by Post Season Director, Coach Administrators and Board members. Certifications checked on coaches that applied.

By late October All Star coaches will be chosen and notified of the committee’s decision. Also coaches that were not selected will be notified.

Week 6 through Volunteer Appreciation Playoffs, All Star coaches will be scouting interested players for the draft.

The Post Season Director will create a document describing drafting rules and how a coach decides that a player is not eligible for Post Season play, in order to keep this part of the scouting and selection consistent.

November 18, 2019 is the All Star Player draft selection meeting. Mid to late November coaches will have had opportunity to review all applications and know level of commitment and potential conflicts of every player selected …. Let the buyer beware.

Travel team coaches and teams can be chosen once each All Star teams is confirmed. One to two weeks later (approx. the first of December) select teams chosen in a manner to be determined by the Post Season and Division directors. (Note: pool consists of players who submitted Post Season applications and who were not chosen for an All Star team. Thus a player who did not submit a Post Season play application may not be eligible for any Post Season team. Similarly, if a player rejects the invitation to an All Star team then such player is ineligible for a Travel team. Travel team players notified.

By mid to late December all players who applied for Post Season play will receive an email thanking them and their families for their interest and informing them that the players for Post Season play have already been contacted by the coaches; thus, if the recipient hasn’t been contacted he/she by any coach they were not selected.

The Commissioner will post a general message on our website stating that all Post Season team have been formed and all players making teams have been informed. The Post Season Director will create a Post Season Team email list which will include all coaches selected for Post Season play. He will use this to notify teams of tournaments, get messages out to coaches, etc.

Jorge Uribe
Post Season Director
Santa Barbara AYSO Region 122