AYSO is an all volunteer organization and without everyone’s help the kids would not be able to play and have fun.

Why would I want to become a referee?

Referees, as well as coaches, are an integral part of the organization. The kids need us and it’s fun.

I’ve never played soccer before.

You don’t need to be experienced in the game. We have classes to teach you all of the tools you need.

I can’t imagine being out there in the middle all alone.

We start you off with the basics… the Regional Clinic.
You learn all of the laws of the game, but start out as an Assistant Referee (AR) or what some parents refer to as a Linesman.

What happens if I forget the “Laws” and make mistakes?

We’ve all made mistakes, on the fields and in life. We learn by those mistakes and it helps us grow as we move on. There is support all around you… your fellow referees on your match, as well as other experienced referees who are out at the fields all day long for you to talk to and get support.

What about those screaming parents and coaches?

As you become more experienced and utilize the tools we give you, it gets easier to deal with the very few who disrupt the kid’s fun. In addition, we do not tolerate those who get out of hand. We constantly remind everyone that they are in a Kids Zone and that we all work together as a team. There is a lot of support for the referees.

What’s in it for me?

Volunteering is very rewarding, especially when you see the hundreds of kids out there each Saturday having so much fun and you realize you are contributing to that.
The referee keeps the game fair, fun and safe for the kids; and you become a part of that.

How can I possibly be good at it?

The most experienced referees have had to start somewhere… the beginning is at the regional level. We have courses to help you advance as you find the fun in refereeing and thrive to get better. There are Intermediate, Advanced and National Levels that are all taught in the many courses that are offered.